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Computer Diagnosis
- our office: Free
- minimum fee for repairs: 15,00 €

Computer Repair, Upgrade and Maintainance
- our office: 25,00 € /hour
- client premises: 30,00 € /hour

Remote Assistance
- our office: 20,00 €

Design and Construction of Computer Network
The cost is dependant on the size, type, and degree of difficulty in the network construction. E.g., cable networks differ from WiFi networks due to the amount of labour involved in cabling installation - A cable LAN network of 3 computers with medium difficulty construction, single floor, may cost approximately 100,00 €

Backup - Restore Data
- from 30,00 to 100,00

Inside Computer Cleaning Service
- Desktop: 5,00 €
- Laptop: 20,00 €
- Application of New CPU Thermal Paste - Desktop: 10,00 €
- Application of New CPU Thermal Paste - Laptop: 25,00 €

Business Contracts
We offer exclusive monthly services to businesses for computer and network maintenance, and personnel training. We believe that in order for a network to function on maximum performance and security, it must be maintained and monitored on a regular basis. Software and Hardware optimisation are a crucial component in any business environment rendering their maintenance of paramount importance. In addition, we endeavour to aid our customers with the correct tools to enable them to train personnel on new technologies, software, and other IT matters.

*** Computer Antivirus Software: Free ***

specialised services

For specialised services please contact us for assistance.

Prices do not include VAT 24%

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Online Assistance

via remote assistance software

Online Child Safety

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KODI Media Center

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Professional Laptop Cleaning

Dust, Ashes, Crumbs, Dirt
Solve Overheating Problems
Maximum Processor Performance
Application of New CPU Thermal Paste (+5,00 €)