Computer support for small businesses and individuals. Websites build, eshops & networks. Refurbished computers for sale.

Bike to Work

Virus removal

We make sure your computer is secure and free of viruses & malware

PC upgrade

We upgrade your computer parts, such as hard disk, ram, graphics card without loosing your data

Parts service

We either repair or replace any defective parts on your computer or mobile device


We build & maintain websites/eshops using popular platforms such as Wordpress and Wix

Backup & restore

Backup and restore computer data, programs and settings. Disk cloning from HDD to SSD


We build and maintain computer networks. We tune up your existing network for optimal performance

Cost of services

For specialised services please contact us for assistance and cost estimation based on your computer hardware. Prices do not include VAT 24%

Free diagnosis

Free of charge diagnosis on our premises

Same day service

We do our best for same day service & delivery

Free computer diagnosis

- our premises: Free
- minimum repair charge (or not) in our premises: 15,00

Pc repair or maintenance

- our premises: 25,00€ /hour
- your premises: 30,00€ /hour

Internal computer cleaning

– Desktop: 5,00€ *
– Laptop: 20,00€ *

* if it is necessary to change thermal paste on cpu/gpu +5,00€ extra cost

Backup - restore data

- from 30,00€  to 100,00€

Network build and maintenance

The cost is dependant on the size, type, and degree of difficulty in the network construction. E.g., cable networks differ from WiFi networks due to the amount of labour involved in cabling installation - A cable LAN network of 3 computers with medium difficulty construction, single floor, may cost approximately 100,00€

Cooperation based on contract

We offer exclusive monthly services to businesses for computer and network maintenance, and personnel training. Cost depends on the predetermined hours of labor

Friendly prices

Competitive and affordable prices

Service guarantee

Full refund in case of customer dissatisfaction

We draw parents attention to the safety of their children while surfing the web. We can install parental controls software, antivirus software, DNS filters & ad blockers. We also teach parents how to monitor and adjust settings of such software


Useful freeware that you can download straight to your computer, no licence is needed

Who we are

Our operations within the Information Systems field, particularly within the area of technical support, led to the creation of iNetwork Computing.
Since our 20 year presence in the field of IT Technical Support we have established a mutual relationship, based on loyalty and trust with our clientele.
Our focus at iNetwork Computing is the building and value of customer relationships; we do our utmost to hear and meet the needs of our clientele. By doing so, we aim to develop a personal communication model that enables us to provide the most appropriate solution in order to meet these needs.
Our first goal is to achieve clientele satisfaction. If a client has a problem, we consider it our problem as well.


    WEEKDAYS & SATURDAY: 09.30 - 15.30
    210 9754355 | 6936 594016 | [email protected]